Today is Epic Cleaning Day.  Most of my business projects are finished so I’ve spent most of the day tidying up the house.  You know, put stuff away because it accumulates on all of the clean, empty surfaces, put away the pile of laundry, put away the giant pile of DOOM (for me a pile of clothes I need to actually deal with before the pile gets bigger), and good ol’ fashioned laundry.  I’ve also been trying to write my Artist’s Statement for a gallery I’m consigning with (details will be in another post), but it’s been difficult because my wannabe toddler (he’s not walking yet) has turned off my computer 3 times today.  Maybe he’s Mercury Retrograde in human form, telling me in order to connect with my inner artist means being away from the computer and doing housewifery stuff.  Maybe.  But I decided to blog about it instead.

I was reading an article today and it really is true that being your own boss means that you spend most of your time doing all the business stuff and a tiny fraction of the time doing whatever it is that you love.  I’m starting to realize that Penelope was right when she said don’t do what you love.  I realized I couldn’t run my business by myself, so the first thing I did was hire Allison as my photographer because she’s a heck of a lot better at photography than I am.  The photo above is proof of that.  Now she’s helping with a lot of other business stuff and it’s hard to properly give her a tile that fits her job description right now.  It’s been a blessing in disguise, but also a life lesson in learning how to let go, go with the flow, and grow from there.  At the very least, I am an artist with decent writing skills.  So let’s get back to writing.  Or folding laundry.


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