I had an interesting revelation last night.

The entire point of having this business is so I can stay home with my kids instead of working outside and dumping them off at daycare.  So my public appearances in the future, sans kids, are going to be when I need a break away from the family to simply be “Hui” and not constantly “Mom”.  Of course, I have a few secrets up my sleeve that I’m waiting to hear back from, but other than that, it’s time to focus and get back on track.  That is the point of Mercury Retrograde anyway.  I’m curious to see what happens within the last week of this cycle.  I’m not done with my Epic Cleaning yet, so I need to finish that up.  Baby likes particular areas in my studio that needs to be filed so he can’t do it for me.

I know it’s already been over a year of being a mom, and almost 2 years of being stepmom, but the profound changes, physically and psychologically, are so stark yet subtle, it’s almost strange.  It really does turn your life upside down, but it also enlarges your capacity to love and all that mushy stuff.  Jesse and I were walking to dinner, baby in tow, and I was just astounded by the fact that I’m married with an almost toddler.  Duh, I’ve accepted it, but I still need to pinch myself.  I love it though.  Hui.1 is so entertaining with his huge personality in such a small body.  He hates hats but he loves hoodies.  He also loves my studio because he doesn’t spend a lot of time up here, so he grabs whatever he can get his hands on.  He goes straight for any jewelry I have out, then whirls them around before moving to the next shiny thing.  I hope when he’s older, he has a love of stones like I do.  He already knows where one is, even if it’s hiding at the bottom of a box.  Such a smart boy, as my mom and dad like to say.  As much as I can’t wait to see who he turns into as he grows up, I don’t want my baby to grow up so fast!  He’s going to be running any day now.


One thought on “Priorities

  1. Such cute pics! I would like to have my own business at home someday. Maybe an Etsy shop with vending on the side…but right now, wow. It would be crazy! 😛

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