Blogging and Making People Uncomfortable

An entrepreneur wears many hats, similarly as most women do.  We carry the title of “wife”, “Mom”, “boss”, and with some good time management, “Me”.  While this is my jewelry blog, I write whatever is foremost on my mind because that’s the way I’ve been trained to blog.  Just let it all out; share with reader your fears rather than just hopes and dreams.  Some people praise me for it, some believe it’s too personal and makes them uncomfortable.  They just want to see pretty jewelry and be on their merry way.  For those people quickly browsing, I always have links to my Etsy shop and I have been making a better effort to have at least one jewelry photo, since this is a jewelry blog after all.

I named my jewelry business after myself, as well as my father because of his impeccable taste and style.  Hui.1 also shares the Hui name.  He’s barely a year old and already expresses an interest in my stones because even if there’s a single stone at the bottom of a box, he will find it.  This is my legacy and this blog is a record of that journey.  Every struggle, every doubt, every celebration, every step forward.  We’re all human.  We all have daily struggles and nagging thoughts that question who we are and what we’re doing with our lives.  We question if we are scarring our children; if we are making the best choices possible for everyone we are responsible for.  We’re not perfect.  The Internet is a cold and impersonal space and some of us have grown accustomed to that, so reading about these topics makes people uncomfortable because it’s too personal, too dark, and too close to the truth.  Hey, at least I’m not quite as open as Penelope Trunk is.  She made headlines for a Tweet she posted during a board meeting.


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