Busy Little Squirrel

Hello Thursday!  It’s been a whirlwind of a week, here at HQ, but we are good and have been totally productive this week.  Sunday the brood and I packed up to go hang out at the Long Beach Patchwork Show.  It was a blast hanging out with my fellow Long Beach artists and I’m excited about the show we’re collaborating on on December 6th and 7th.  I’ll be there Friday night because that is apparently the busiest time, so come check it out!  I can’t tell you how much I adore my Long Beach community.  The next thing I need to do is go check out Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles on a Friday when my sister is working so we can have lunch then I can go off and explore.  Another thing to put on the to-do list, but I’ve heard about it all year, and even part of last year before they opened, so it’s time to go check it out.

With the Long Beach show only two weeks away and with Thanksgiving week vastly approaching, I’ve been motivated to get as much inventory ready so next week I can simply start printing and labeling my price tags.  My other sister is flying in from Maui on Sunday, so that week is virtually gone in terms of production.  So I’ve been a busy squirrel cranking out Perfect Rings because I’ve noticed the best way to sell them is in person with a good variety of sizes and gauges so the men can try them on too.   I had 4 rings finished, except Jesse took one to replace the ring he left at his dad’s house.  Also, anything left over from the show will go straight to Allison for photography because I really need new Perfect Ring photos for Etsy.

Perfect Rings aside, I’ve also been taking inventory of my inventory and seeing what needs matching earrings so I have more matchy matchy sets.  It’s actually been coming along better than I anticipated.  Yay for productivity and accountability!  My last post said I’ll be making more earrings and I am!  It’s exciting to put those life lessons to work.  And speaking of which, I should get back to work.  Ta ta for now!


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