XCVI, Here I Come!

It’s official.  I’m an artist consigning with XCVI’s Pop Up Shops.  My headquarters will be the Fashion Island store, starting with 3 lariat and earring sets.  I’m delivering them this week and I’m still a bit starry-eyed over the whole concept.  I’ve been following XCVI for years, ever since my family found their clothes in a boutique in Maui.  I’ve quite honestly hoarded whatever I could get of their clothes.  In the past few years, I’ve been able to buy more items here instead of in Hawaii.  It’s been great because I could live in their clothes all year round.  I just discovered their cord leggings to help keep me warm in the winter, as well as scoring two gorgeously chic leather jackets from their winter warehouse sale this past weekend.  With my adorable and oh-so-cozy black bow UGGs, I am seriously loving the extra chilly Southern California weather.  Their flowy and casual style also makes great maternity wear!  I loved wearing this XCVI top with such pretty lace and fringe to a friend’s bridal shower when I was 5 months along (notice how well it went with my jewelry too!).

Their clothes are designed and manufactured right here in the heart of Los Angeles and I am beyond honored to be able to work with them in their Pop Up Shops.  This is a dream I never knew I had, but the opportunity arose, I dived in head first.  With the help of social media, I caught the attention of the Retail Operations Manager who asked me to send him some pictures and prices.  Allison helped me to put together a proposal and I was a shoo-in right from the get go.  I’m in, I’m in, I’m in!!!


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