February Goals

Busy doesn’t even describe how busy I’ve been since my last post.  The photo above is from a market run to Fresh and Easy at 7am before hubby went to work.  I have to say Fresh and Easy is my new favorite grocery store for their bagged lettuce, 6am opening time, and exclusive front-of-store parking for families with children.  Hubby wouldn’t care, but for us frazzled mothers, it’s seriously awesome.  And yes, I’m stockpiling on the fabo chocolate wine my sister-in-law discovered.  Yum yum!

It’s already February and I have no idea where January went.  It ran off faster than Hui.1 crawling and he crawls fast.  Oy.  I am at least happy to say that I am working diligently on my website and some new collections will debut as soon as the model photos are finished being post-processed.  I’m very proud of this collection, especially since Allison has been trying to drag it out of me for most of 2013.  But life happens and I’m a perfectionist so it’ll be the first new collection of 2014.

My goals for February are fairly simple since it’s a shorter month than we ever realize.  For the sake of accountability, I thought I’d share them here:

  • Finish website – I’m mostly done tweaking and just need to sit down and crank it all out.  There will be a lot of fine tuning to make sure everything works, but it’s going to be done before the end of the month so I can focus on other things like making more jewelry.  I’m getting antsy.
  • Spruce up Etsy – This goes hand-in-hand with the website because I want all the available jewelry to be accessible via Etsy.  Duh, that’s the whole point of having a website, right?  Yeah, my artistic whimsy usually overrides the practicality.  Oops.
  • Plan out the rest of 2014 – Let’s face it; I’m having another baby.  I have to plan at least up until June and then probably take maternity leave for the most of the summer.  Honestly, it’s not looking so bad.  I plan on making a stockpile of chainmaille bits that can be turned into 95% of the new collection and I’ll send hubby to the post office whenever necessary.

What I really want to do is nest and make jewelry.  But of course, sometimes the business stuff needs to come first.  While I’m working diligently on the business side of things, I’m researching IKEA bookshelves and tiny coffee tables to spruce up the studio (a.k.a. Hui Hui Nest).  I’m 99% ready to buy them the next time we go, but I need to measure the short wall where the roof slopes down.  An engineering guess says that I have enough clearance, but I will double check later.

We’re going to Yosemite for hubby’s birthday.  That’ll be a fun trip.  A bit nippy, but fun since I refuse to jump on a plane while pregnant.


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