The Stepping Stones Collection

Whenever I talk about “getting back to basics“, I mean taking some beads, chaining them together, and creating jewelry out of that.  The repetition of wiring each bead is supremely therapeutic and allows me to connect with the energy of the stones.  It’s a simple yet powerful way of presenting Mother Nature’s beauty in all its glory.  There’s lots of talk about living “mindfully” and “being present” and this is the Hui Hui Designs way of doing so.

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This new collection consists of three main necklaces:  the Single Step, Double Step, and Triple Step.  The Double and Triple Step Necklaces are reminiscent of a chic strand of pearls, while the Single Step Necklace makes a statement with its bib of larger stones trailed by smaller stones to finish it off.

The Triple Step Necklace was born when I was pregnant with Hui.1 because I was craving large statement jewelry to offset the physical growth my body was experiencing.  This more recent pregnancy inspired me to create the Single Step Necklace and take advantage of those large focal beads I’m never sure what to do with.  The motto of this collection is definitely the chunkier the better!  Happy shopping!


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