The Chinese Knot Collection

The Chinese Knot Collection is finally here. /deep breath

I admit it’s taken far too long to release this collection, but it’s here and that’s what matters.  The journey from seed to tree has been long and hard, with much sweat and thankfully no blood.  Like all great ideas, it started with a particular design, the right eye to see the possibilities of expansion, and countless hours spent tweaking every design into perfection.  It makes me reminiscent of a story about a jewelry designer pulling out all the stops to make her sister a bracelet for her birthday.  The end result was so profound, the artist put away all the jewelry prior to that bracelet because it wasn’t who she was anymore.  She had ascended to the next level of her artistic journey.

This collection is the first of its kind for Hui Hui Designs.  Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been the matchy matchy type, but a pair of earrings from this collection simply begs for a matching necklace to go with it.  But what really makes this a true collection is the versatility and freedom to mix and match the designs to make it work for your individual style.  Short earrings, long earrings, dangly earrings… you get the idea.  You can pair it with a simple Endless bracelet and call it a day.  It all matches.

It embodies my ultimate artistic goal; Chainmaille with a Hui Twist.  Okay, so the Hui Twist turned into so much more than just mixed metals and added stones.  Here, there is straight maille via the Endless pieces, then the rest of the collection breaks up into sections of knots that equally highlights both the metalwork and stone.

Wow, I’ve ascended.


6 thoughts on “The Chinese Knot Collection

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