Springing Forward

This past weekend, I’ve been working on this custom order tourmaline necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold Filled.  The biggest challenge of working with mutli-colored tourmaline is finding the perfect transition between colors.  Luckily I had the foresight to buy 5 strands to play with because I knew I would be making necklaces like this one.  It was a nice reprieve from toiling over the website and finally releasing the Chinese Knot Collection and Stepping Stones Collection, but if I’ve learned anything from my family of entrepreneurs, you always have to be thinking of your next project and paycheck.

Most of the fashion industry plan out their seasonal collections a year before they’re released.  While that is something to aspire to, I’ll stick to accomplishing my yearly goals and see how that goes.  Experience has told me that I can plan as much as I want, but sometimes you have to plan for the unexpected.  I never took a birthing class with Hui.1 and I don’t plan to with Hui.2.  I couldn’t have expected Hui.1’s delivery at all and the only thing I can do with this baby is let my team of doctors determine the best course for a safe delivery for both of us.  If he sleeps like Krill does, well, you won’t be hearing from me for awhile… cross your fingers Hui.2 likes to sleep.

And so I am springing forward… nesting as much as I can, percolating ideas for new collections, and enjoying the extra sunshine.


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