Monday Rituals

Mondays are best for deflating from the hustle and bustle of the weekend. As much as hubby protests, I’m an introvert at heart. The house is quiet and I soak in the tranquility before beginning the daily chaos of the week. The buzzing of the refrigerator annoys me but the singing birds outside helps drown it out. Today the sun slowly rises between the apartments, finding its way to my garden and eventually the windows. I find it best not to schedule doctor appointments on Mondays so I can indulge in the stillness around me and collect my thoughts.

I start making notes (mental and electronically) about the things that need to get done this week. What’s happening this week, other than trying to get to prenatal yoga on Thursday (it’s hard because it’s boring). Blog posts need to be written and scheduled, or at least given some thought as to what to write about this week. Evaluating the contents of the refrigerator to determine when to go grocery shopping. Checking the production line to note progress and estimate finishing time. Reviewing goals for the month to make sure I’m keeping up or not. Assessing if the tile floors are ready for a good mop yet.

It was a fairly productive weekend at least. Hubby installed a giant ceiling fan in the studio and it has proven itself useful in breaking up the hot air that accumulates when the weather warms up. It should be easier to keep that room cool when the AC is on during the warmer months. Not looking forward to testing it out but so far so good. Another thing to add to the list is taking all the packaging downstairs and tidying up there again. I also have some new decorating ideas as well. I’ll add it to the list while I drink my tea.

Happy Monday!


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