Putting Your Best Self Forward

I’ve finally hit that point in my pregnancy where I’m going “la la la”.  My sense of style is at its best and I make the effort to dress my best before I go out into the world.  Even on days when Hui.1 and I are just going to the store to pick up groceries, I make sure I at least have a pair of earrings on.  When we go out with the hubby, I go all out with the jewelry because the best marketing tool is being seen wearing it.  My favorite pieces of late have been the Single Stepping Stones necklace and various pieces from the Chinese Knot Collection.  Doing so has been so much fun and I couldn’t be prouder of either collections.  It also helps that XCVI has finally become more accessible with their pop up shops popping up all over Southern California.  You can read about how I discovered XCVI here.  You can also find a variety of the Chinese Knot Collection at their Fashion Island location if you’re in the Southern California area.

Since I have no control over my body until the end of June, there’s really no use in cursing at my flaws and trying to hide that Mommy pooch some of us know all too well.  I suppose it’s part of the pregnancy glow myth, but for me, I’m still 5 pounds under the weight I started at because of the gestational diabetes.  After this baby arrives, I’ve decided to stick with the diet, because let’s face it, our society eats too much processed food and sugar than we should.  It’ll be an 80/20 ratio… 80% of eating mindfully and 20% of “let’s party” because food needs to be enjoyed and savored instead of being treated like the enemy.  Yesterday I made a conscious decision that I never need to cook white potatoes again.  Give me some artisan bread or a bowl of rice to go with my meat and vegetables and I’m happy as a clam.  An 85° C bakery and cafe just opened a few miles away so we’ve been going once a week to pick up their baked goods because it’s inexpensive and just so darn tasty.  My mom was the one who always went to pick stuff up, so experiencing it on my own was beyond magical.

Putting your best self forward isn’t easy, but we have to show the world just how awesome we are.  Figure out what makes your inner self shine outwardly and the rest is a piece of cake.  Or in my case, a piece of bread.


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