The Single Strand Necklace

I just found Cynthia Sliwa’s new blog after noticing she was MIA from her old blog on JCK Online.  This particular blog post makes me very happy about my new Stepping Stones Collection.  Cynthia is an image consultant I discovered a few years ago and she loves blogging about jewelry.  She actually helps the common folk digest the jewelry trends of the fashion world.  I’m impressed with her archive of old photos from old fashion magazines and how up-to-date she is on the current ones.  It’s not easy trying to assimilate such a wealth of information and shiny photos.

The necklace pictured above is a perfect example of this single strand necklace phenomenon and I’m currently marketing it as a statement necklace instead of a full-blown collection since most of the stones utilized are too soft or delicate for bracelets and sometimes you don’t need a matching pair of earrings.  With that said, I think I’ll dig through my stones and find some that are suitable for a new statement necklace like this one.


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