Hatching Spring

Whew, what a weekend! Saturday turned into a road trip starting with dim sum for lunch and browsing through a native California plant nursery before heading to the Shops at Mission Viejo to drop off jewelry at XCVI. I’ve been working diligently all week and cranked out 13 pieces for the shop. The store manager and I are excited to see how they sell. Next up is sprucing up the pieces at Fashion Island.

What I really need to do next is create a new habit of carving out some “play” time so I can just sit around and cultivate whatever is sitting in my subconscious mind.  My muse is itching to make something new and exciting.  I have a bunch of beads waiting to become statement necklaces, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  That needs to change.  I should mark a weekend day on my calendar at least every other week for some dedicated play time.  My mother used to refer to that kind of play time as “hatching” when my sisters and I were out of sight.  She would call for us and ask if we were hatching an egg.  I savor those rare moments of solitude, which is significantly different than my “hiding” time.  Hiding is when my inner introvert is overstimulated and then it’s mandatory to be quiet and leave me alone before I snap.

Another thing I’ve been thinking of doing is creating a statement collection of one-of-a-kind “Spontaneous Designs” that come straight off of the workbench with minimal tweaking.  That requires a bit more R&D, but I do like the concept.  Quite frankly, sometimes I miss the freedom of designing on a whim, without worrying about matching pieces and the other little bits that goes into creating a collection.  Also, it’s part of the creative process that creates the beginnings of a collection if the piece is strong enough to endure that much versatility.

This weekend seems a bit more empty than usual , so I may need to take advantage of that.  Happy April!



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