Modern Armor for Today’s World

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In the past, before there were guns, soldiers needed protection against pointy weapons like swords and arrows.  Chainmaille was the best protection against direct blows from these pointy weapons.  Even in today’s world, chainmaille is still used by butchers to protect themselves from being cut and shark divers to help prevent injuries from shark bites.  For more information, here’s the Wikipedia link.

In today’s world, our battlefield is less literal and more psychological than anything else.  Women in particular are facing countless battles and sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves to something special and shiny.  Once our basic physiological needs are met (shelter and food), we start exploring what makes us unique and how to express our individuality.  Clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry help us accomplish that.

The necklace shown above is perfect for a man or a woman who would like to take the power of that ancient armor and harness it for use in today’s modern world.  This is my favorite necklace when I want to make a simple yet powerful statement, either showcased with a spaghetti strap tank top or peeking out from behind the folds of a crisp button down shirt.


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