Professionalism with Soul

I’m excited to announce that my website is finally up and running after several attempts to get everything just right.  This is honestly as professional as I can make it without losing my soul to the corporate juggernauts who just want your money.  Of course I want your money, but I want to provide more than just a piece of jewelry; an heirloom with a story behind it.  Something with soul in a world that’s been flooded with overseas manufacturing and throw away fashion.

I scour the Internet and as many bead shows as possible to find the most perfect semi-precious stones and artisan glass beads to be made into jewelry.  The dedication that goes into designing and producing each piece is what gives it soul as well as purpose.  I am here to serve you, the customer, to make sure you walk away with the best piece of handcrafted jewelry your budget can handle.  That’s my main goal for this business and I hope to touch the lives of as many people as possible through my art.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”

~ Giorgio Armani


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