Stone Sunday ~ Ruby

Rubies are awesome.  They’re one of four gemstones considered to be “precious”; diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.  The rest of the stones in the community are known to be “semi-precious”.  One big thing I’ve learned during my rockhounding adventures is that most of the rubies in the mainstream market are treated in some way to get that rich, red color, as well as imperfections being “filled in” in some way with an unnatural substance.  That’s why I try to find natural rubies as much as possible during my rock show hunts.  My crazy pirate rock lady has had some of the finest quality rubies I’ve ever seen in bead form.  My sister has 2 gem quality strands of faceted rubies, while I have a strand or two of rough rubies with just a hint of polish to preserve its natural state.

This pregnancy has definitely had me craving more rubies.  I have a gorgeous strand waiting to be turned into a simple yet bold statement necklace.  Apparently the trend right now is wearing a short, single strand necklace because of its classic appeal to women of all shapes and sizes.  That’s great for me because that’s the kind of jewelry I strive to create.  Ruby is also my birthstone (yay for July babies!), which merely adds to its appeal.  For those of you who are interested in ruby’s metaphysical properties, it’s best associated with the Root Chakra and aids in easing menstruation and is overall beneficial to the reproductive organs (maybe that’s why it’s been so appealing to me).  Below are some photos and links to my Etsy shop for ruby jewelry:

Click on the link to shop!

Click here to shop!


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