Cultivating Design

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For the beginning part of 2014, I’ve been working diligently on the Chinese Knot Collection and the Stepping Stones Collection. Let’s face it, I don’t multitask well. I get stuck in the box I’ve been in for awhile and it’s hard to get out of because I finally found a good groove and it’s finally comfortable and cozy. Make something new?? How about using different beads but the same design? That’s easy, but no, that doesn’t cut it. I wish it did but life doesn’t work that way.  The new stuff I’ve been making looks a lot like something that came out these two collections. Oops.

Now I need to break out of that “old” mindset and switch gears. I haven’t figured out how to do that just yet, but I think taking out and working with the Grace beads was the first step.  Next is probably going to be tidying up the studio, dusting off the boxes of Swarovski crystal, poking at the lonely chainmaille rings who need some love, and seeing where the muse takes me.  This is the kind of soulful designing I haven’t done since I was working on my very first Chinese Knot Lariat in Rose Gold… I think.  I got pregnant with Hui.2 and my memory has been fuzzy ever since.

Watermelon Tourmaline & 14kt Rose Gold-Filled

To properly start getting into this new mindset of design, I need to start playing my favorite renditions of Bach between Emilie Autumn’s Laced/Unlaced and Jeffery Biegel’s Bach on a Steinway.  My love of classical music began with my 6th grade teacher encouraging us to listen to all things classical.  This did not help my popularity once I started junior high since most kids my age would frown and go “Ugh!” when I listed it as one of my favorite music genres, but I was never one to follow the crowd anyway.  That still rings true today about my business and parenting methods.

Jesse.1 arrives tonight for her spring break visit, which concludes with my family’s tradition of meeting for dim sum Easter Sunday.  Saturday we’re hosting my extended family for our annual Easter Saturday cousin dinner.  We’ve never stuffed this many people into the house, so it will be interesting, to say the least.  But this Jesse.1 visit will definitely give my brain a much needed rest as I finish up all the goodies to be dropped off with Allison for photos and cultivate the next seed of Hui Hui Designs originals.


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