Supplier Spotlight: Kamal Trading

Kamal Trading is a lovely local gem for any serious jewelry artists.  They’re located in Anaheim with a huge selection of sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold filled chains, as well as a bountiful selection of Swarovski crystal.  I found them in the yellow pages.  The Internet wasn’t quite as strong and developed as it is now, even though it’s been 8 years.  It’s run by a wonderful Indian family; the two sons run most of the store and operations and occasionally the mother will be working the checkout.  Once I dived deeper into the chainmaille and started combining it with crystal, she really liked my new designs.  Eventually I became a regular and she would give me a small box of chocolates when I came in before Christmas.

I haven’t gone to the store for quite some time, between settling into the house, getting pregnant again, and chasing after Hui.1.  The rise of the Internet has also made it more convenient to shop online instead of at an actual brick-and-mortar store.  I should at least stop by before Hui.2 arrives.  I do need to pick up some Swarovski crystal in various colors and sizes to play with for my Fall/Winter Collection and now that we’ve settled in La Habra, it’s just a skip and a step down Beach Blvd.  I think I’m running out of excuses not to go… hmm.


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