37 Weeks and Counting

Beautiful day at Laguna Beach for a jewelry drop off at Orange County Creatives

I’m officially at 37 weeks.

Hui.1 came just as I hit 37 weeks, but before I started going to the weekly OB appointments.  I’m doing my best to take it easy and hopefully let this baby stay awhile longer.  Sunday was the beginning of my maternity leave and I’ve been keeping busy by digging back to my roots with some basic chainmaille and coming up with some new designs for the summer and fall/winter collections.  It’s true that artists and fashion designers have to keep up with their seasonal collections at least 6 months in advance, if not more.  As crazy as it sounds, it really isn’t.  There needs to be time for photos to be taken and edited before anything else actually happens.  I’m still struggling with the whole concept, but only because I know this baby is going to take up most of my summer before I can truly get back into the swing of things (resting and baby come first).  But, I have my stores fully stocked and there’s always the US Postal Service if they need more jewelry.  Photos are another story, but I will have the summer collection posted and listed on Etsy sometime in July.  If you can’t wait, go check out these new Grace Bead bracelets at XCVI Mission Viejo, as well as some awesome lariats (see photo below).  Orange County Creatives has some adorable summer earrings and I’ll be sending more in as my earring pile gets bigger (follow them on Facebook for photos).


Shops At Mission Viejo
555 The Shops At Mission Viejo
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(805) 953-9340

Orange County Creatives
761 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(978) 473-9658

For those of you who know and understand how important it is to be on maternity leave, don’t worry, I have been nesting and resting.  Check out my completed Hui Hui Nest.  I picked up the side table on Sunday.  It’s such a perfect fit.  I can even make chainmaille there now, because I’ve nested as much as possible and there’s nothing more to do but sit and wait.

And now we wait…

Hui.1 has been enjoying himself at least.  His new favorite thing to do while I’m working is sitting on my lap and turning my lamp on and off.  Now if only he’d stop poking beads and ring tins with the pliers like he’s trying to fork his food… but these are those precious moments that need to be treasured because before I know it, he’s going to feel like he’s too big for Mommy hugs and the like.  So I let him spill my rings everywhere and poke the beads with the pliers.

“Like sands through the hour glass…”


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