Stone Spotlight ~ Moss Agate

Nice day to go to the park

38 weeks and no sign of baby.  And the wait continues…

The stone I’ve been craving the most during this pregnancy has been Moss Agate.  Supposedly Moss Agate will help with labor pains so I better make sure to pack some in my hospital bag.  It’s also the stone of new beginnings, which applies very well to this chapter of my life.  I’ve always kept a hoard of Moss Agate on hand, but I never truly utilized its fullest potential until I released both the Chinese Knot and Stepping Stones Collections, respectively.  My best sales for the past few months have been Moss Agate pieces.  Personally, I love the natural inclusions that gives each bead so much character.  Check out this link for more metaphysical properties of Moss Agate.  The photo below showcases my favorite lariat from the Chinese Knot Collection accompanied by some Moss Agate.  I also have available a simpler lariat with just the Moss Agate stones.  Click the photo or click here to shop.

Click the photo to shop!


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