Still Waiting…

39 weeks and no baby. He’s seriously taking his sweet time compared to his brother. He’s going to be at least a pounder heavier too. I can’t complain too much, since I’ve been getting a lot of jewelry projects done and envisioning future plans and schemes. But I miss being able to walk sideways to fit through right spaces, practicing kundalini yoga, wearing skirts at or below my waist instead of hiked up over my belly, my lower body not hurting and/or crunching, and eating French fries.

My postpartum style is pretty similar to my normal style at least. As long as I’m breastfeeding during the day, I’ll be living in nursing tank tops that look like normal tank tops. I have all the cute skirts and capris I’ll ever need to last me through the summer. Being lazy and stylish is the best way to go. Not sure how Hui.2 will react to earrings though. I was paranoid about wearing them with Hui.1, but eventually I got over it. He liked grabbing my necklaces best and still does. These days he grabs it to admire Mommy’s “rocks”. It’s cute and when he finds one laying around the studio, he holds it up to his neck like he’s trying to put it on. When I do put jewelry on him, he smiles his dimple smile, then instantly wants it off. It’s too funny.

As far as plans and schemes and dreams go, I’m on the right track. It feels pretty good despite not knowing when this baby will appear. He’s very content staying in awhile longer. I have a dr’s appointment and growth ultrasound tomorrow so we’ll see what’s happening. But seriously, I have the rest of the year’s designs planned out and I’m even dreaming of next spring’s goodies. Once I have a routine down with the boys and hubby, I can start production and get ready for holiday marketing. The year is almost half over. Yikes. It’s been a good year so far. I hope it continues that way with the smooth arrival of this baby.


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