The Station Necklace

Moss Agate Lariat ~ Example of a Station Necklace

It was exciting when I found Cynthia Sliwa’s new blog.  I’ve been following her for years, but that fell to the wayside after getting married and having babies.  I noticed she had stopped posting on her usual website so a few months ago I decided to Google her and discovered she had her own website and blog now.  Score!

This post about station necklaces really stood out to me.  My favorite lariat from the Chinese Knot Collection definitely falls under the station necklace category and in the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to make shorter necklaces in that style.  I remember attempting to design similar style necklaces back in the day (2003-4?), but because my technical skills weren’t up to par, it never turned out just right.  I haven’t touched the idea until I came up with the lariat design during the later part of 2013.  I finally had the resources to do it right and I did.  Lariats were also something I’ve always wanted to make, but never got right until now.  As I mentioned in my post about jewelry equations, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect materials and length of chain.

The Chinese Knot Collection has really changed my perspective on design and how to seriously mix-and-match pieces within a collection.  As much as I prefer being eccentric, sometimes a little bit of order amongst the chaos is a great change in pace.  I really did “ascend” as an artist after I released that collection and even to this day, a several months later, I’m still in awe of it all.  Of course, I have to give credit to Allison for all her poking and prodding, or else it would have stayed in my subconscious a lot longer than it did.  Sometimes you need that push to get the momentum going and I’m thankful for the big shove she provided.

Last month, during my “hey, I have time to play with new designs” period (unfortunately short-lived), I started poking at designing a shorter version of the lariat.  At first, I started with a larger focal knot, accompanied by alternating stones and smaller knots, but that didn’t look right.  After tearing that version apart and starting from scratch, I finally figured out the perfect equation for both a necklace and a bracelet.  Once I finish the big chainmaille project I’m working on, these new additions will be my first priority.  One of the prototype necklaces went to the Laguna Gallery during my big jewelry drop-off day and just sold the other day.  Definitely more incentive to get that big chainmaille project finished so I can work on making a pretty pile of jewelry… assuming baby gives me another few days before his arrival.  He’s been pretty stubborn about coming out, but since I hit 40 weeks tomorrow, it really is any day now.

Station Necklace in action


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