Entrepreneurship and Kids

Hui.2 is just about 3 weeks old and weighs 10 pounds.  This is a serious mind trip because he’s still a newborn.  My mind thinks I can do lots of stuff around the house or even make jewelry, but my body says, “NO!  Must sleep!  Must lounge comfortably!”  When I wonder why I’m still achy, I remember that I gave birth less than a month ago.  Oops.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, especially for women who are entertaining the notion of having kids.  I consider myself lucky to have found a partner who supports my dreams and ambitions.  During marriage negotiations, I told Jesse if we were to get married and have kids, I would stay home with them while building up my jewelry business.  That’s how I grew up, in the midst of my father’s engineering consulting business.  When I have Hui.2 nursing on the left side so my right hand is free to click the mouse or type on my iPhone, I imagine if that’s what my mom was doing with me at that age.  Growing up in that kind of environment, and eventually working in it as well, really taught me how to manage both a business and household at the same time.  My life is going to be nuts until the kids go off to college, but so is the price of having them.

Despite all this, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the slower pace of not having any plans or social engagements.  It’s also given me time to reflect on how 2014 has been and what I want to do next.  Lariats seem to be attracting the most attention and sales, so I need to crank out more.  I have a new design I’m testing out asd my first conscious attempt at being dainty and understated.  Once it passes the testing stage, I can start working on a lariat and figuring out how to incorporate stones and crystals.

Sales from the shops are doing quite well and I’m looking forward to eventually getting back into the throes of networking and artist demos.  I definitely need to do a trunk show with one of the XCVI stores, if not both.  That would be good around the holidays, at least by October so I can start getting my inventory ready.  By then Hui.2 should be sleeping better and be more inclined to be entertained by his playmat and brother rather than being curled up in my arms all day.  Mind you, I am definitely savoring all this cuddle time while he still has that magical new baby smell which makes all the pain and suffering of having a newborn worthwhile.  It just doesn’t work well for fast or instantaneous results all the time.



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