Baby Steps


Sunday mornings are the best times for me to get away. Baby slept for 7 hours and decided not to go back to sleep, so I left him with Jesse and headed out to run errands. Of course, this includes a stop at 85•C for fresh bread and my favorite passion fruit green tea.

Yesterday was crazy busy, wandering through the LA County Fair for the first time and then heading down to Mission Viejo for a birthday party. The company made the heat bearable, as well as soaking up as much cool air and water as we could. Hui.1 had a blast checking out all the animals while Hui.2 napped in the stroller. Despite how much my feet hurt today, it was worth not needing to hold the baby all day long like usual. Hui.2 naps with Jesse but he just wants to play and nurse with me. When I give up trying to get him to sleep, I put him on the playmat next to my workbench and poke at jewelry as much as I can before he wants my attention again. He’s starting to show signs of being tired so it may get better soon. One can only hope, at least.


We headed south after loading the kids in the car, and since we had extra time, we stopped at the mall for Hui.1 to run around the playground while Hui.2 made his debut to XCVI Mission Viejo. It was a quick visit to say hi to the girls and browse through the new fall goodies. I got some intel about the latest happenings at the store and said I’d be back to drop off the giant Rock on a Rope necklaces.

I feel very confident they’ll be a big hit with all of the fall tunics and sweaters. Maybe even the resort collection as well. I never realized the resort collection caters to the snowbirds who travel to warmer areas in the winter. Oops. It seems to also be a prelude to spring. Urban Maille already got their first frost of the season. Fall has arrived faster than anticipated, although my sense of time is skewed with the arrival of Hui.2. This new adventure of having two kids to chase after is rough. But I’m making it work, one step at a time. I also need to remind myself he won’t always be this small and hugs will be in less demand as he gets older, as proven with Hui.1.

I promise, the wait for new shiny things will be well worth your while.



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