If art really is a window into the soul, then my jewelry says

I am strong, beautiful and sometimes whimsical.

Hui is pronounced as [Wh-E]. 😉

I am a Maillesmith, Jewelry Designer, Dark Fusion Tribal Bellydancer, and Traffic Engineer.

A Maillesmith is the Chainmaille version of a Blacksmith.  I take ancient chainmaille weave patterns and translate them into armor suitable for the 21st Century.  Because of my engineering background, being a Maillesmith is second nature to me.  Chainmaille is the basis of my jewelry design, which includes combining chainmaille with natural stones, precious and semi-precious, to bring you that little hop in your step when you feel like you can take over the world.  I love scouring local gem shows searching for the perfect stones to add to my collection.  My love of bling also extends to finely engineered Swarovski Crystal which comes in a rainbow of colors and sizes to boot.

I have the most wonderful husband who supports my dreams of being an artist, even while chasing after our little boy.  We bonded over chainmaille while we were dating and he’s been a wonderful addition to my creative spirit.

Without a strong foundation, the building will fall down.  Without strong physical technique, the bellydancer looks sloppy.  Without perfectly closed rings, your chainmaille is mediocre.  But you need the spirit, the “thing” that makes you look at a piece of jewelry and marvel how beautiful it is.  The way a bellydancer captivates the audience and makes it difficult to look away.  These two concepts, technique and spirit, merged together into a whole, is how I approach making jewelry and how it defines me as an artist.