Baby Steps


Sunday mornings are the best times for me to get away. Baby slept for 7 hours and decided not to go back to sleep, so I left him with Jesse and headed out to run errands. Of course, this includes a stop at 85•C for fresh bread and my favorite passion fruit green tea.

Yesterday was crazy busy, wandering through the LA County Fair for the first time and then heading down to Mission Viejo for a birthday party. The company made the heat bearable, as well as soaking up as much cool air and water as we could. Hui.1 had a blast checking out all the animals while Hui.2 napped in the stroller. Despite how much my feet hurt today, it was worth not needing to hold the baby all day long like usual. Hui.2 naps with Jesse but he just wants to play and nurse with me. When I give up trying to get him to sleep, I put him on the playmat next to my workbench and poke at jewelry as much as I can before he wants my attention again. He’s starting to show signs of being tired so it may get better soon. One can only hope, at least.


We headed south after loading the kids in the car, and since we had extra time, we stopped at the mall for Hui.1 to run around the playground while Hui.2 made his debut to XCVI Mission Viejo. It was a quick visit to say hi to the girls and browse through the new fall goodies. I got some intel about the latest happenings at the store and said I’d be back to drop off the giant Rock on a Rope necklaces.

I feel very confident they’ll be a big hit with all of the fall tunics and sweaters. Maybe even the resort collection as well. I never realized the resort collection caters to the snowbirds who travel to warmer areas in the winter. Oops. It seems to also be a prelude to spring. Urban Maille already got their first frost of the season. Fall has arrived faster than anticipated, although my sense of time is skewed with the arrival of Hui.2. This new adventure of having two kids to chase after is rough. But I’m making it work, one step at a time. I also need to remind myself he won’t always be this small and hugs will be in less demand as he gets older, as proven with Hui.1.

I promise, the wait for new shiny things will be well worth your while.



Simple Pleasures

Tourmaline Rock on a Rope

Yesterday was a great day.

Hui.2 decided to take an early nap and Hui.1 woke up late.  So we started our day around 10:30am, had breakfast, then ventured into the studio where we watched Teddy Ruxpin, cuddled, and I actually got to sit at my workbench.  Hui.2 was still fast asleep (I kept checking on him because I was paranoid) and after flipping through my stone book, I decided I needed to make myself a Rock on a Rope with a ruby for some extra vitality.  I wanted to add some morganite to it for some Divine Love, but how could I make them work together?  My favorite design didn’t fit my needs at the moment.  I wanted a single, solitary stone, but I also wanted to reap the rewards of both stones.  Hmm.

Morganite and Aquamarine

It’s still a Rock on a Rope, even though I added a single morganite bead to the end of the extender chain!  Ding ding ding!  And of course, I felt the need to make it in rose gold.  Perfect!  I haven’t made anything for myself lately, so this was a nice treat.  I also added a solitary, faceted rose quartz to hang out with the morganite.  Divine Love, romantic love, and vitality is a powerful concoction.  This strand of rubies is very special and I’ve only taken 2 beads so far, with very specific intentions.  The first one I made as a tester bracelet with some Chinese Knots and chain.  Again, a very simple design with the knots framing the stone (like most things, I need to make more and take photos).  I wore it for a day before feeling the urge to give it to my sister.  My intuition was saying the ruby did its job, and it was time to pass it on to her.

As soon as Hui.1 went down for a nap, Hui.2 woke up from his 3-4 hour nap.  So we nursed in the studio, nicely curled up in my La-Z-Boy recliner (best investment I ever made for this new baby), streaming more Dawson’s Creek on Netflix (in my defense, I’m waiting for last season’s Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time to be on Netflix so I can catch up).  It was perfect to have some much needed quality time with both boys individually, as well as having some time to truly spend in the studio.  It’s simple pleasures like these that wards off postpartum depression and gives me hope that life with two kids two years apart won’t always be so chaotic.

My new Rock on a Rope

Still Waiting…

39 weeks and no baby. He’s seriously taking his sweet time compared to his brother. He’s going to be at least a pounder heavier too. I can’t complain too much, since I’ve been getting a lot of jewelry projects done and envisioning future plans and schemes. But I miss being able to walk sideways to fit through right spaces, practicing kundalini yoga, wearing skirts at or below my waist instead of hiked up over my belly, my lower body not hurting and/or crunching, and eating French fries.

My postpartum style is pretty similar to my normal style at least. As long as I’m breastfeeding during the day, I’ll be living in nursing tank tops that look like normal tank tops. I have all the cute skirts and capris I’ll ever need to last me through the summer. Being lazy and stylish is the best way to go. Not sure how Hui.2 will react to earrings though. I was paranoid about wearing them with Hui.1, but eventually I got over it. He liked grabbing my necklaces best and still does. These days he grabs it to admire Mommy’s “rocks”. It’s cute and when he finds one laying around the studio, he holds it up to his neck like he’s trying to put it on. When I do put jewelry on him, he smiles his dimple smile, then instantly wants it off. It’s too funny.

As far as plans and schemes and dreams go, I’m on the right track. It feels pretty good despite not knowing when this baby will appear. He’s very content staying in awhile longer. I have a dr’s appointment and growth ultrasound tomorrow so we’ll see what’s happening. But seriously, I have the rest of the year’s designs planned out and I’m even dreaming of next spring’s goodies. Once I have a routine down with the boys and hubby, I can start production and get ready for holiday marketing. The year is almost half over. Yikes. It’s been a good year so far. I hope it continues that way with the smooth arrival of this baby.

Been Sick

The house survived the invasion of my cousins, but Hui.1 and I caught a cold so we’ve been out of commission for most of the week. Monday was fine and I tried to squeeze some creative juices out of my muse but I felt a sniffle and it was all downhill from there. Being sick and pregnant royally sucks.  But, it did give me a rare opportunity to reflect and reassess where I’m trying to go with the jewelry.  When all else fails, go back to the chainmaille.  The magic is in the maille.  The stones, glass, and crystal are just adornments.  I had a chance to toy with a new weave during Jesse.1’s spring break visit and I have big plans for it simmering in my subconscious.  In the meantime, I’m still recovering from the plague, which means more resting and daydreaming than anything else until I’m back up on my feet again.

Down But Definitely Not Out

I’m sick with a nagging cough and the slightest bit of asthma. Lovely. Last Friday when Jesse and his family went to Disneyland, I was laid up with an upset stomach. So yes, I am taking some much needed time off. I don’t have the brain power to work on jewelry so I’m treating this as a mini vacation.

Taking the time to reflect when your life is as full and busy as mine is really difficult. Living in the fast lane makes it hard to slow down to almost a full stop. Being sick throws me off my game enough to realize that I need to stop and smell the roses. Or at least be aware of the forced down time and be productive with it.

A lot of 2013 was 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  It was frustrating, but it was worth its weight in gold.  Sometimes you can’t 

Here’s hoping 2014 is better with less germs and less roadblocks.

Renewing the Spirit

According to, Sundays are for renewing your spirit.  I decided we needed to stay home today, so I took advantage of having Jesse home to watch the baby while I got some work done, as well as some laundry and other miscellaneous stuff around the house.  It was surprisingly calming, which was such a welcome change to the chaotic mess our weekends have become ever since summer started and once we got the house.  I’ve been re-visiting FlyLady to help me manage the daily chores around the house so I have everything under control.  I get easily overwhelmed by too much mess and then I shut down until I have the motivation to start back up again.  Jesse helps out more during the weekends, but we’ve managed to get the dishwasher running as soon as it’s full so we don’t have a stack of dishes piling up in the sink.  Baby steps and sometimes you really need to take it one day at a time.

Once my brain started drying out, I declared we needed to go out.  I brushed out my hair so I would look presentable and even test drove a new necklace design.  We went to Target then tried out a Thai place that was pretty good.  Jesse wasn’t sure about the coconut soup because it was creamier than he’s used to.  The yellow curry was perfect with just the right amount of spice to it so I was content.  Baby decided he only wanted to eat rice after scarfing down a veggie roll that turned out to be a tad bit spicy.  After that, he was very wary of everything but the rice.

I have been very productive between the jewelry, housewifery, day job, and everything else on my plate.  I need to collude with Allison about projects we’ve been scheming about.  Hopefully soon.  As busy as I am, I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s boring.  I like knowing that I have an interesting life and never truly stagnant.  I just need to stay home and rest more. 😉

A Classic Skeletor Moment

My bestie (Krill’s mom) told me to go watch He-Man because I have no idea how to unwind right now.  Great idea, I should have thought of that. 😉  Makes me want to fork over the money for a TV and DVD player since He-Man isn’t on Netflix anymore.

We still need a little bit more furniture.  A bunk bed for Jesse.1, another futon, a TV/DVD player, and a TV stand.  Once we get these last remaining pieces, I can start truly decorating the Tower of Hui Hui.  Maybe.  And, back to watching He-Man. 😉