Cultivating Patience

3-Strand Byzantine Rose Necklace and Bracelet

As an engineer and Maille Smith, you’d think I’d have enough patience to last a lifetime.  I thought so too, but then I started on this necklace.  It’s a triple strand necklace of byzantine rose in 20g sterling silver and yellow gold filled.  20g rings are tiny.  Seriously tiny.  Then multiply that by 3 plus a bracelet.  Oy.

I came up with a system to work on this without losing my mind (mind you, I was in the last stretch of pregnancy so my mind was already extremely far gone).

Step 1:

Close silver rings and make gold roses.

Step 2:

Attach 3 pairs of silver rings to gold roses.

Step 3:

Weave chain and b-r-e-a-t-h-e and note how easy it was to construct once I got to this step.

The best way to weave it was to break it up by my moods.  When I needed my brain to calm down after fretting about the baby not coming, how tired I was, how itchy I was, I would work on Step 1 and make a giant pile of closed rings and roses and then walk away.  Coming back, I would work on Step 2 until I finished up the pile of roses.  Then I would either walk away again (come on, I have a toddler running around), or continue on to Step 3 and finish that bit of chain.  Lastly, I would attach it to the main group of chains and step back to admire my handiwork.  Breaking up such a daunting task was the best idea I’ve come up with yet.  If apply this method to other aspects of my life, I think I’ve found a great way to avoid procrastination.


Photoshoot Photos and Happy Thanksgiving

Today, I am thankful for Allison for forcing me out of my comfort zone, time and time again.  I am also thankful for Wendy of D.M. Gremlin Photography for her photographic eye that captures different shadows and angles.  Yes, I’m finally getting around to posting these amazing photos of my jewelry.  But I won’t bore you with the details just yet.  There will be a more in-depth blog post for a behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to put together a product photoshoot like this one.  It’s very different from wedding and bellydance photography, that’s for sure!

Jewelry:  Emily Gilmore Necklace * Delicate Tourmaline Necklace * Teardrop Chinese Knot Earrings in Tourmaline

Model:  Allison

Jewelry:  Iolite Sunstone Statement Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold Filled

Model:  Cristina

Jewelry:  Byzantine Rose Bracelet and Necklace in Sterling Silver and 14kt Rose Gold Filled

Model:  Cristina

Jewelry:  Garnet Necklace and Earrings in Sterling Silver

Model:  Allison

From the above photo with Allison and the garnet set, Allison is actually leaning her body forward so gravity is creating a perfect line between the earrings and the necklace.  These are the interesting lines and odd poses that Wendy has a keen eye for.  I can’t wait to work with her again on future photography projects!