Local Spotlight: 85C Bakery & Cafe

Hui.1 checking out the cakes at the Fullerton location

Every Asian person in Southern California should know about 85C because it’s pretty much the Asian equivalent of Starbucks but with the added bonus of boba and “Fresh bread!”.  Every time a new tray of bread comes out of the kitchen, the staff yells out, “Fresh bread!”  If you like savory breads smothered in cheese and garlic, this is the place to be.  I never actually stepped foot inside until one opened in my neighborhood K-town (Beach Blvd & La Mirada Blvd) because my mom would order ahead and pick it up from the Irvine location.  Now that there’s one so close, we go there on average once a week for either bread, boba drinks, or both.  If I need a quick getaway from the kids, I head out that way.

Grab a tray, grab some tongs, and go read every little sign in the corner of the bread boxes.  You can get calamari rolls that are baked with genuine squid ink, basic multigrain bread, and a vast array of garlic and cheese smothered delights.  There are other sweet breads that I haven’t tried, as well as a full blown bakery with cakes and mousse cups.  Personally, my favorites are the garlic cheese bread, tomato flatbread, and the chocolate pearl.  But be warned, they have different breads every time you visit, so they may not have your favorites that day.  I have no idea how the system works, but I haven’t been able to get any of my garlic cheese bread for the past 3 visits and when I sent Jesse to the one by his office, he only picked up 1 garlic cheese bread which was quickly devoured by both myself and Hui.1 (Hui.1 is my carb limiter; he eats most of them for me).

Happy pregnant lady

What I really like about their drinks is that you can control the amount of sugar they put in it.  Since I have to watch out for diabetes (if you are gestationally diabetic, you have a 50% chance of developing Type 2 diabetes later on), I order all my drinks without sugar.  Jesse.1 ordered a taro smoothie and even without sugar, it tasted just fine.  It’s amazing how much added sugar is in our food and drink.  There is some comfort in knowing that Asian cakes are light and spongy in texture and the frosting is whipped cream instead of buttercream.  The chocolate pearl is a little round chocolate mass of cake and mousse dipped in more chocolate.  The outer layer of ganache is surprisingly sweet, but the mousse is the best I’ve ever found around Southern California.  It’s a great little treat.

There are a lot of locations and they’re open late, so you have no excuse not to go.

“Local Spotlight” will be an on-going blog series to support the local economy and community of Southern California and wherever my travels take me.  


Local Spotlight: Laura’s Loaves & Goodies

Only 1 chocolate chip croissant is made a day!

La Habra is a charming little, sleepy town on the north-western edge of Orange County.  My belief is that almost everyone’s grandmother must have lived here at one point in their lives.  But La Habra is actually famous for cultivating the first Haas Avocado.  I never dreamed of living in La Habra, per say, but after spending 5.5 years driving to and from Cal Poly Pomona, the notion of living along the 57 Freeway was always in the back of my mind.  Oh look, I live in that area now.  Who would have thought?

My friend’s grandmother-in-law introduced us to her favorite local bakery and cafe, Laura’s Loaves & Goodies, which is coincidentally within walking distance of my house.  They’re famous for their bear claws and chicken salad, but they also have other tasty pastries and baked goods as well.  My favorites are the plain and chocolate croissants and the plain cheese danishes.  The cheese danish reminds me of when my mother would go to our local bakery super early in the morning so we’d wake up to a variety of fresh baked goods for breakfast.  Now I’m starting to understand why she would wake up so early to go to the bakery.

So if you’re ever in the La Habra area before 2:30pm, come check out this quaint little cafe for a snack or light lunch!

“Local Spotlight” will be an on-going blog series to support the local economy and community of Southern California and wherever my travels take me.