Simple Pleasures

Tourmaline Rock on a Rope

Yesterday was a great day.

Hui.2 decided to take an early nap and Hui.1 woke up late.  So we started our day around 10:30am, had breakfast, then ventured into the studio where we watched Teddy Ruxpin, cuddled, and I actually got to sit at my workbench.  Hui.2 was still fast asleep (I kept checking on him because I was paranoid) and after flipping through my stone book, I decided I needed to make myself a Rock on a Rope with a ruby for some extra vitality.  I wanted to add some morganite to it for some Divine Love, but how could I make them work together?  My favorite design didn’t fit my needs at the moment.  I wanted a single, solitary stone, but I also wanted to reap the rewards of both stones.  Hmm.

Morganite and Aquamarine

It’s still a Rock on a Rope, even though I added a single morganite bead to the end of the extender chain!  Ding ding ding!  And of course, I felt the need to make it in rose gold.  Perfect!  I haven’t made anything for myself lately, so this was a nice treat.  I also added a solitary, faceted rose quartz to hang out with the morganite.  Divine Love, romantic love, and vitality is a powerful concoction.  This strand of rubies is very special and I’ve only taken 2 beads so far, with very specific intentions.  The first one I made as a tester bracelet with some Chinese Knots and chain.  Again, a very simple design with the knots framing the stone (like most things, I need to make more and take photos).  I wore it for a day before feeling the urge to give it to my sister.  My intuition was saying the ruby did its job, and it was time to pass it on to her.

As soon as Hui.1 went down for a nap, Hui.2 woke up from his 3-4 hour nap.  So we nursed in the studio, nicely curled up in my La-Z-Boy recliner (best investment I ever made for this new baby), streaming more Dawson’s Creek on Netflix (in my defense, I’m waiting for last season’s Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time to be on Netflix so I can catch up).  It was perfect to have some much needed quality time with both boys individually, as well as having some time to truly spend in the studio.  It’s simple pleasures like these that wards off postpartum depression and gives me hope that life with two kids two years apart won’t always be so chaotic.

My new Rock on a Rope


Stone Spotlight ~ Moss Agate

Nice day to go to the park

38 weeks and no sign of baby.  And the wait continues…

The stone I’ve been craving the most during this pregnancy has been Moss Agate.  Supposedly Moss Agate will help with labor pains so I better make sure to pack some in my hospital bag.  It’s also the stone of new beginnings, which applies very well to this chapter of my life.  I’ve always kept a hoard of Moss Agate on hand, but I never truly utilized its fullest potential until I released both the Chinese Knot and Stepping Stones Collections, respectively.  My best sales for the past few months have been Moss Agate pieces.  Personally, I love the natural inclusions that gives each bead so much character.  Check out this link for more metaphysical properties of Moss Agate.  The photo below showcases my favorite lariat from the Chinese Knot Collection accompanied by some Moss Agate.  I also have available a simpler lariat with just the Moss Agate stones.  Click the photo or click here to shop.

Click the photo to shop!

Stone Sunday ~ Ruby

Rubies are awesome.  They’re one of four gemstones considered to be “precious”; diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.  The rest of the stones in the community are known to be “semi-precious”.  One big thing I’ve learned during my rockhounding adventures is that most of the rubies in the mainstream market are treated in some way to get that rich, red color, as well as imperfections being “filled in” in some way with an unnatural substance.  That’s why I try to find natural rubies as much as possible during my rock show hunts.  My crazy pirate rock lady has had some of the finest quality rubies I’ve ever seen in bead form.  My sister has 2 gem quality strands of faceted rubies, while I have a strand or two of rough rubies with just a hint of polish to preserve its natural state.

This pregnancy has definitely had me craving more rubies.  I have a gorgeous strand waiting to be turned into a simple yet bold statement necklace.  Apparently the trend right now is wearing a short, single strand necklace because of its classic appeal to women of all shapes and sizes.  That’s great for me because that’s the kind of jewelry I strive to create.  Ruby is also my birthstone (yay for July babies!), which merely adds to its appeal.  For those of you who are interested in ruby’s metaphysical properties, it’s best associated with the Root Chakra and aids in easing menstruation and is overall beneficial to the reproductive organs (maybe that’s why it’s been so appealing to me).  Below are some photos and links to my Etsy shop for ruby jewelry:

Click on the link to shop!

Click here to shop!

The Single Strand Necklace

I just found Cynthia Sliwa’s new blog after noticing she was MIA from her old blog on JCK Online.  This particular blog post makes me very happy about my new Stepping Stones Collection.  Cynthia is an image consultant I discovered a few years ago and she loves blogging about jewelry.  She actually helps the common folk digest the jewelry trends of the fashion world.  I’m impressed with her archive of old photos from old fashion magazines and how up-to-date she is on the current ones.  It’s not easy trying to assimilate such a wealth of information and shiny photos.

The necklace pictured above is a perfect example of this single strand necklace phenomenon and I’m currently marketing it as a statement necklace instead of a full-blown collection since most of the stones utilized are too soft or delicate for bracelets and sometimes you don’t need a matching pair of earrings.  With that said, I think I’ll dig through my stones and find some that are suitable for a new statement necklace like this one.

Springing Forward

This past weekend, I’ve been working on this custom order tourmaline necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold Filled.  The biggest challenge of working with mutli-colored tourmaline is finding the perfect transition between colors.  Luckily I had the foresight to buy 5 strands to play with because I knew I would be making necklaces like this one.  It was a nice reprieve from toiling over the website and finally releasing the Chinese Knot Collection and Stepping Stones Collection, but if I’ve learned anything from my family of entrepreneurs, you always have to be thinking of your next project and paycheck.

Most of the fashion industry plan out their seasonal collections a year before they’re released.  While that is something to aspire to, I’ll stick to accomplishing my yearly goals and see how that goes.  Experience has told me that I can plan as much as I want, but sometimes you have to plan for the unexpected.  I never took a birthing class with Hui.1 and I don’t plan to with Hui.2.  I couldn’t have expected Hui.1’s delivery at all and the only thing I can do with this baby is let my team of doctors determine the best course for a safe delivery for both of us.  If he sleeps like Krill does, well, you won’t be hearing from me for awhile… cross your fingers Hui.2 likes to sleep.

And so I am springing forward… nesting as much as I can, percolating ideas for new collections, and enjoying the extra sunshine.

The Stepping Stones Collection

Whenever I talk about “getting back to basics“, I mean taking some beads, chaining them together, and creating jewelry out of that.  The repetition of wiring each bead is supremely therapeutic and allows me to connect with the energy of the stones.  It’s a simple yet powerful way of presenting Mother Nature’s beauty in all its glory.  There’s lots of talk about living “mindfully” and “being present” and this is the Hui Hui Designs way of doing so.

Click the photo to shop

This new collection consists of three main necklaces:  the Single Step, Double Step, and Triple Step.  The Double and Triple Step Necklaces are reminiscent of a chic strand of pearls, while the Single Step Necklace makes a statement with its bib of larger stones trailed by smaller stones to finish it off.

The Triple Step Necklace was born when I was pregnant with Hui.1 because I was craving large statement jewelry to offset the physical growth my body was experiencing.  This more recent pregnancy inspired me to create the Single Step Necklace and take advantage of those large focal beads I’m never sure what to do with.  The motto of this collection is definitely the chunkier the better!  Happy shopping!

Catching Up

Today has been the first time in a few weeks that I can enjoy getting up at 5am to work on jewelry and simply enjoy the peacefulness this early in the morning.  The days have been fleeting by so quickly that Friday is Hui.1’s first birthday.  I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Sheesh, time flies as you get older.  I remember being bored all the time when I was a kid.

I’ve been working on my Chinese Knot Collection and there are some really awesome pieces I can’t wait to show off.  I’ve been test running a lot of them to make sure they work, but so far so good.  Allison’s mom fell in love with one of my new designs with an aqua aura quartz and started making her “Ooo shiny” face.  Instant sale.  I like sales like that.  I love that design and must make more of it. 😉

I shipped out my carnelian and rose gold necklace out to my biggest fan.  I started posting more on Pintrest and she just couldn’t resist this beauty.  I’m glad it went to a good home because it’s one of those pieces that’s near and dear to my heart.  It was my first attempt at making a full necklace in rose gold because I had limited supplies at the time.  And that focal stone is just awesome.  I think I have one more, but I need to check.

Hui.1’s Auntie “Carl” requested a Rock on a Rope with a moonstone last week, so I made this little beauty for her.  I adore the fact that I can get more commercially made rose gold filled findings and chain now.  It makes me happy beyond belief and I truly believe it will just take my jewelry designs to the next level.  It’s really exciting and I can’t wait to test run the new necklace I finished this morning.  I may have to make it a tad bit longer, but we’ll see.  I’m getting back into the groove of things and making more lariats.  Allison helped me design one last weekend and it was one of those “Ooo shiny” moments that begs to be made into more.  I haven’t started one yet, but I have the notes. 😉

I’m making my friend Priyanjaili a custom order lariat, so that’ll be exciting.  I hope to finish a necklace before I start on hers so it gets my full attention.  I’ve been making a true effort to finish projects before starting a new one.  For the “Ooo shiny” lady, it’s really hard.  Just another one of those life challenges that makes life interesting, right?  Overall, I’m so much happier with my progress lately.  It feels good to be productive and having some down time to play catch up.

Oh, and this is my little jewelry assistant.