I mention Allison a lot, so she gets her own story page. 😉

First of all, here are links to her awesome obsessive crochet projects…

I met Allison through a mutual friend during a trip to the San Diego Zoo.  With an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture (I considered that as a backup major if engineering failed miserably), she knows nearly all the varieties of flowers, trees, and bushes, in their English and Latin names respectively.  So her expertise came in handy as I kept asking, “Hey, isn’t that [plant] _______?”  Then we met again during the same mutual friend’s bridal shower and I noticed her gradated AND graduated pink tourmaline earrings.  I had already liked her from the zoo trip, but hearing about her adventure in Tuscon to procure all the different strands to make that single pair of earrings, it was a match made in Heaven.

First photo together… let the chaos begin!

Allison is my official photographer as of May 2013.  But also, you know how artists flit from here to there and everywhere?  She helps guide the chaos into something more constructive.  I pay her mostly in shiny things and we’re both happy.  I do need to come up with a more official title for her eventually, but yes, this is Allison.  Her photos make my jewelry look like shopping porn.  She’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I need.  She’s the Melissa to my Penelope. 😉

One of her favorite photos ♥