I’m making this a page happy customers can comment and leave feedback about their jewelry shopping/consulting experiences. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Testimonials!!!

  1. I have bought several pieces from this lovely designer, and she is always quick to respond and offer ideas – and her jewelry are works of art unto themselves. I love every piece I have bought, and when I lost one of the earrings, I tore the house up one side and down the other, looking for it, because it was one she had made me and my very favorite (and I did find it!) Can’t say enough good things – the quality of the jewelry and the good juju she puts in each piece keeps me coming back for more……and more 🙂

  2. I always love wearing the pieces she makes. Not only do I constantly receive compliments on them, but I love that they’re something unique. This isn’t something mass manufactured by people earning a dollar an hour in a third world country. This is a piece of art made by someone who genuinely loves what she does, and quite frankly it shows. She is amazing at creating new designs to meet people’s jewelry tastes, so she is the go-to person for custom jewelry!

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