If You Have Pierced Ears, You Should Always Wear Earrings

I have 3 pairs of basic, sterling silver earrings in the tumbler right now.  Today I decided to be “proactive” and will pack these earrings in my wallet, purse, or car so I always have a pair of earrings to wear when I leave the house.  These earrings are also easily reproducible, so my next step would be to carry duplicates to sell to people who inquire about said earrings.  You’d think being a jewelry artist would mean I’d always be wearing my jewelry, but we all have our off days.  Let’s face it; I have to remember to put the baby in the car because my worst fear is forgetting him somewhere and taking off.

I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 18 because my dad did not approve of the idea.  Once I started making jewelry again during college, I had dangly earrings up the wazoo.  I still love shaking my head and feeling them bounce back and forth against my cheeks.  It’s one of the most magical thing in the world.  But once I reach my studio, I end up making less earrings and more of everything else.  But now that I’m telling you this, that will leave me accountable for making more earrings to go with everything else I’m making.  And Allison will kick my butt if I don’t, so that’s two counts of accountability to keep me in line.

But seriously, if you have pierced ears, you really should be wearing earrings in them.  That’s the whole point of having pierced ears, right?  I won’t go into the cultural aspects of piercings just yet.  For now, we should wear earrings all the time because it makes us look and feel polished and put together, even though we may not be feeling that on the inside.


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